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The Sòlas Bag originated with two sisters, Madelaine and Angela. Madelaine was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2007. This was the beginning of an experience that would be shared by her and her sister Angela.

One part of the treatment of the disease included chemotherapy. Angela felt strongly about being the caregiver for Madelaine as she received her treatments. She researched and talked to cancer patients and other caregivers to find out what she could provide to her sister during chemotherapy to make it more comfortable. Angela then created a bag with different comfort items that Madelaine used during her sessions.

When the chemotherapy treatments were completed, Madelaine realized just how helpful the bag was. She thought it would be great if other chemotherapy patients could know beforehand what to take with them to their treatments. She proposed her venture to Angela. They then put together a list of the items that Madelaine personally felt were the most helpful and together they produced what is now called “The Solas Bag”. “Solas” is the Gaelic word for “comfort”. Given their Irish heritage, it seemed the appropriate name for their bag.

Linden woman and her sister create chemo bags to make difficult cancer treatments easier.
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Friday September 12, 2008

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