A Few Words About Us

Fantasm 3D, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., employs a national network to produce entertainment and marketing opportunities through the use of a revolutionary Next-to-Live™ imagery. This technology changes the way that audiences interact with 3D content.

Fantasm 3D understands how this dynamic interaction creates a new platform for gaming, advertising, marketing, entertainment and cinema experiences.

Our Mission
Fantasm 3D LLC is a managed services firm that applies proprietary technology to produce Next-to-Live™ entertainment experiences for both independent and major studio partners and clients. Fantasm is committed to delivering high quality and value, building mutually beneficial  relationships and advancing social consciousness.


Our 3Ds: Desire, Dedication, Delivery

You have special talents, experiences, and a strong work ethic.

We engage people who are free to imagine, unafraid to offer suggestions or
ask questions, and who see obstacles, not as roadblocks, but merely as
challenges to solutions.

  Do you desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment?
Can you dedicate yourself to fulfill the role and responsibilities offered you?
Will you deliver what you have agreed to?

Yes?  Then go to our Job Openings page to prepare an application.