What We Do

By closely working with clients, Fantasm 3D provides turn-key 3D solutions including project conceptualization, marketing strategies, project management, production management, marketing and distribution for concerts, stage productions, and theater arts.

While some companies excel at understanding these individual components, Fantasm brings them all together to create powerful content solutions from start to finish.

State of Michigan Film Tax Incentive


Imagine filming live productions, and then watching them at the cinema in 3D. Fantasm 3D produces 3D cinematic events with a focus on concert films, feature length music videos, live-action sports, and stage plays, all brought to theaters near you, and all shot in mind-shattering, realistic
Next-to-Live™ 3D, the most comfortable and pleasing 3D technology in the world!

With a surge in the 3D entertainment industry, both theatres and consumer electronics companies have been focused on establishing display mediums in order to present 3D stereographic media to audiences. Fantasm 3D has the resources and vision to take projects from concept to the big screen.



2D to 3D Content Conversion

We use an unique content conversion technology that allows for the effective conversion of 2D animation and live action film to compelling 3D content. This is a huge breakthrough for the 3D industry. It now is possible to create unlimited 3D content repurposing 2D content at a low cost, dramatically changing the possible uses of current assets.

Imagine stretching your budget and creating content with impact.

Glasses-Free 3D Displays

Imagine a LCD flat panel display that displays crystal clear, high-definition 3D video content without the use of any special glasses. With the use of Enabl3D ™ multi-stereo technology is made possible through the precise combination of proprietary hardware, proprietary software, connectivity and content creation services. This "optical illusion" is perceived by the brain as a true 3D image. Unlike competitor products, our display solution provides both an intense off-screen "POP" and the ability to play 2D video with virtually no loss in resolution." Experience our auto-stereoscopic Enabl3D ™ solution for yourself. Contact us to see a demo of our technology and experience 3D without the glasses.

Professional, commercial-grade high-definition 3D LCD monitors ranging from 22" - 57". The perfect choice for Point-of-Sale, Out-of-Home, Digital Signage Networks, Trade Shows & Events and much more.