Honeybees continue to make headlines as their numbers dwindle due to Colony Collapse Disorder, attack from Varroa Mites, and other environmental challenges.  Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of over 80% of the worlds crops.  We rely on the honeybee for one out of every three servings of food we eat. 

By adopting a hive, you help to continue the safety and growth of the honeybees at Raisin River Apiaries.  Your $35.00 membership contribution gives you:

  • Quarterly Newsletter updating you on the adventures of the Apiary adn the        bees including up close photos of the bees, honey recipes, and honeybee        facts.

  • Photos of your hive and bees

  • Free honey from your hive.  A free quart of honey shipped directly to you in       the fall when we extract. 

  • Free customized certificate of adoption

  • Cost $35.00/yr renewed annually 

 Through the Adopt a Hive program, you will learn more about the fascinating world of honeybees and their impact on our world.  Honeybees have been in existance for millions of years.  With your help, our program can continue to grow and assist with their survival.  Apiary visits are available based on scheduling.  Adopt a Hive is a great gift for any friend or family member. 

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Please note: Raisin River Apiaries is a for profit organization so this contribution is not tax-deductible.  Adopt a Hive is an annual program.  In order to continue benefits, membership renewals will be requested.  Adopt a Hive does not actually purchase the rights to a live honeybee hive.



The U.N. has released a brief report (pdf) on the global state of pollinators. Read to learn more about Colony Collapse Disorder.

By working together we can make a difference.

Tell us your thoughts about Colony Collapse Disorder. The more we all know, the more we all can do!

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